Transitional Coaching



Hi. I’m Heather and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Transitionary Guide. I help women who feel a deep calling but cannot seem to find clarity, calm the chaos or break free from the quicksand that seems to be taking over their lives.

Through insight and intuition, together we will uncover your true essence, release mental & emotional blocks & create a map to your new destiny - the one you've been truly craving...the one your soul has known all along. I will guide you through self-discovery, self-awareness & assist you in finding passion and purpose that will allow you to move into your next steps emboldened, enlightened and in your own truth. You will create a new mind-set, increase your self-confidence and level-up your own self image. Are you ready?

When you join me on your own Pathfinder quest, we will enjoy 8 life-changing sessions together. Sounds like a lot doesn't it?  It is. But we humans don't change what's easy, so if change is in the air for you, let's make sure it's the change you're wanting. And let's make damn sure it sticks. We will meet virtually every 2 weeks, cover new ground, assess where we’ve already been and make sure what we’ve implemented is working.


Once you sign up, I’ll connect with you to get started, set up our times and make sure you have a complete outline of the process.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask. From deciding what your goals are, finding out your energy zappers, learning how to dream big (and what this really means) to getting unstuck, setting boundaries and letting go, this program is designed with you in mind and customized to exactly what you need.



At LillyBelle, we are a collaborative group of independent professionals working together to provide holistic solutions to everyday life.  We can be reached collectively at 817-999-5155 and prefer texting whenever possible as we are each in and out of sessions every day and this provides us an opportunity to answer quickly with little wait time for a return phone call. With that said, never hesitate to leave a message if a phone call is more appropriate for your needs.  You are also welcome to reach out directly to your specific professional for any reason including scheduling changes and questions regarding your session time.  
Heather Wilson, LE, CHHC, Sugar Expert, Owner – 817-999-5155