Popular Combinations

We often get requests for multiple body parts and like the rest of our sugaring services, our aim is silky, smooth hair-free skin. Please note that in our studio, full-body sugaring is typically brow & lip, underarms, full legs and brazilian but we know that different body parts matter to different people.  While our price point is $175 and is the highest dollar amount a full-body sugaring would cost, this may be a lesser amount, with many factors at play and will be priced at the discretion of the Sugaring Expert providing the service.  We welcome any questions that pertain specifically to your needs. 


Underarm + Half Arm $42
Underarm + Bikini Line  $50
Underarm + Bikini Plus $62
Underarm + Brazilian $70
Lower or Upper Leg + Bikini Line $70
Lower or Upper Leg + Bikini Plus  $88
Lower or Upper Leg + Brazilian $100
Full Leg + Bikini Line $115
Full Leg + Bikini Plus  $135
Full Leg + Brazilian $160
Full Body* $175*




At LillyBelle, we are a collaborative group of independent professionals working together to provide holistic solutions to everyday life.  We can be reached collectively at 817-999-5155 and prefer texting whenever possible as we are each in and out of sessions every day and this provides us an opportunity to answer quickly with little wait time for a return phone call. With that said, never hesitate to leave a message if a phone call is more appropriate for your needs.  You are also welcome to reach out directly to your specific professional for any reason including scheduling changes and questions regarding your session time.  

Heather Wilson, LE, CHHC, Sugar Expert, Owner – 817-999-5155

Khristina Wilson, LE, Sugar Expert – 817-733-9150

Olga Pham, LE, Sugar Specialist –  817-994-9804