Massage & Yoga


At LillyBelle, every hour is unique and your time is yours. Massage therapy sessions encompass a wide range of techniques depending on the needs of each client. You won’t find a cookie-cutter menu offering the same service for every client.  Instead, we focus on how we can best serve you, the client, and design your time for maximum benefit.  Steffanie will consult with you prior to every session.  Life can be a roller-coaster and our goal is to match our services with your needs, whether that ride has you hanging on tight or jumping for joy. 

Massage therapy can range from deep relaxation to therapeutic and can include a full-body session or focus specifically on areas of tension.  Essential oils are often included for their therapeutic benefits, as they are powerful and can inhibit bacteria, viruses and inflammation, a basic benefit of every session. Available in hour, 90 minute and two hour sessions.  

The benefits of yoga are innumerable so having a Licensed Massage Therapist that is also a Yoga Instructor only combines the benefits of both services to get your body back on track.  Many of our clients take advantage of their massage session by adding a one-on-one yoga session, not only increasing the longevity of the bodywork but improving the body's range of motion and decreasing tension.

As with all the services at LillyBelle, you can schedule online anytime or reach us at 817-999-5155.  We are very text friendly as it is easier to connect more quickly between sessions that way.  You can also reach each of our staff members individually.  


Half Hour Massage $40
One Hour Massage $75
Ninety-Minute Massage $95
Two Hour Massage $130
Hot Stone Massage $90
Pre-Natal Massage $75
Raindrop Aromatherapy Add-On $30
One-on-One Yoga - half hour $30
One-on-One Yoga - 45 minutes $45
One-on-One Yoga - one hour $60



At LillyBelle, we are a collaborative group of independent professionals working together to provide holistic solutions to everyday life.  We can be reached collectively at 817-999-5155 and prefer texting whenever possible as we are each in and out of sessions every day and this provides us an opportunity to answer quickly with little wait time for a return phone call. With that said, never hesitate to leave a message if a phone call is more appropriate for your needs.  You are also welcome to reach out directly to your specific professional for any reason including scheduling changes and questions regarding your session time.  

Steffanie Brown, LMT, YT –  817-658-6687