Energy Medicine


Have you ever walked into a place and felt right at home?  Or been somewhere you couldn't wait to get away from? We are all intuitive beings, even when it is unclear how we pick up on these things. Fortunately, science is proving what our ancestors seems to know all along - that the body is more than just a meat suit and that our thoughts, feelings and emotions affect us throughout our day.  As with any modality, there are many types of energy work available.  It is important to understand that an Energy Practitioner is not there to heal you. Energy Practitioners have studied and honed their skills to sense where energy is flowing, where it may be stuck, and will use techniques to improve that process allowing the body to function better.  Energy Medicine is simply a broad term we like to use to explain techniques that support health and facilitate the healing process. The benefits of Energy medicine are catching science's eye and rapidly becoming a valid part of studies being done throughout the world.  Today we know that energy medicine's benefits include:

  • Anxiety, tension, and stress reduction

  • Reduce fatigue

  • Reduce pain

  • Ease effects of trauma and PTSD

  • Facilitate wound healing

  • Support individuals and families through chronic illnesses or the dying process

  • Support illness prevention and promote healthy activities

  • Improve quality of sleep

  • Enhance a sense of spiritual connection

Most client's in search of this type of session will describe themselves as "feeling stuck", overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or extremely stressed and even at a crossroads.  Sessions take about an hour. Both Jimma and Heather are seasoned Energy Practitioners, Jimma being a Reiki Practitioner; Heather a student of Healing Touch.  


 At LillyBelle, we are a collaborative group of independent professionals working together to provide holistic solutions to everyday life.  We can be reached collectively at 817-999-5155 and prefer texting whenever possible as we are each in and out of sessions every day and this provides us an opportunity to answer quickly with little wait time for a return phone call. With that said, never hesitate to leave a message if a phone call is more appropriate for your needs.  You are also welcome to reach out directly to your specific professional for any reason including scheduling changes and questions regarding your session time.  

Heather Wilson, LE, CHHC, Sugar Expert, Owner – 817-999-5155

Jimma Hernden, Reiki Practitioner – 814-520-3071